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Billionaire George Soros invests 100 million Euros in Spanish real estate


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the : 12/05/2014

Soros invests in Spanish real estate


This is a new sign that the spanish Real Estate might be ready for a new start.


US 8illionaire George Soros has reached 18.3% of the capital of Hispania Property Assets through His investment company controlled by the fund manager Azora.


This percentage share is valued at 100 million euros and makes the Hungarian born businessman the main shareholder in the company.


The company is setting up a real estate portfolio of high quality assets from investments in residential properties, offices and hotels in Spain and in the second phase, student residences.


Perfect time to invest in Spanish real estate with high ROI


The company is investing in Spanish real estate over the next three years and plans to divest during the three years that follow.


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