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The spanish real estate still in decline


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the : 12/05/2014

Is the spanish real estate still in decline?


Foreign purchasers are a key factor to maintain the spanish real estate sales level.


Did you know there have been 70,196 houses sold in Spain within the third quarter of 2013? Impressive but still a decline of 6.8% in comparison towards the same duration of 2013, based on data in the Department of Housing.


These amounts suggest that the spanish property market is constantly on the shrink. 


However, home sales to people from other countries skyrocketed 24.7% within the same third quarter to 12,070, the ninth consecutive quarter of growth! 


Foreign purchasers are actually 17.2% from the spanish property market, the greatest level since the federal government began posting this data. 


Foreign purchasers were concentrated in Alicante (3,158), Malaga (1,552), Barcelona (889), Girona (758), and Tenerife (705).


By province, sales increased 25.5% within Malaga, 20% in Santa Cruz p Tenerife, 18.4% in Almeria and 16.4% in Alicante.


Not surprisingly, they are all provinces that attract a lot of foreign site visitors and purchasers.


Real estate bargains in Spain


In the other finish from the scale were the provinces of Alava (-71%), Toledo (-40.4%), Castellon (-37.2%) and Cantabria (-33%).


The odd one in this group is Castellon, the place to find the Costa Azahar, a beautiful seaside region of the country between Valencia and Barcelona which should attract foreign purchasers in bigger amounts, but does not because nobody can tell about this outdoors of the country. 


Obviously this isn't a problem that Malaga needs to cope with.  With a sales increase of 25.5% for that Malaga region, 1 don't believe we're doing too badly at ail. Lengthy may it continue.


Begin a new lifestyle


To invest in the Real Estate in Spain can be the beginning of a new lifestyle. 


Increasingly popular amongst the younger generations who operate their business through their laptop, the golfers and the hedonists. 


Where? ln the tail of the Costa del Sol where if meets the Costa Tropical. 


The historic, lively beach resorts all represent the typical Andalusian lifestyle that lovely laid back atmosphere where good food and pleasure with family and friends is most important. 


And with the Sierra Nevada just an hours drive away, you could be skiing in the morning and lying on the beach in the afternoon... now that's a lifestyle!


This article was written with the help of Costa-Tropical.net and Spainvest, the experts in the Spanish Real Estate.


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